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Dean's Message
Dear students, as fellow managers of IT!

Allow me to introduce the study of information management so you can choose educational institution the best for yourself and your  future.

Minerva University College of applied Sciences for Management & IT is the only private college of information management and security of information systems in the area of Rijeka to Dubrovnik. Minerva conducts teaching in the designed and equipped modern building with all the necessary infrastructure. Personnel are optimally blended of youth and experience. The ratio of teachers and students enables to organize teaching in small groups and good communication with teachers, allows mentoring approach teachers to students. Interactive communication between teachers and students enables personalisation of the curriculum, as well as ways of teaching according to student needs. Students who graduate from the Minerva have excellent chances for relatively quickly employment.

Minerva has a social orientation and its uniqueness shows through an interdisciplinary approach from which students are initiated on awareness of the application of business ethics, environmental protection and development resources, sensitivity to human, labour and social rights, human management, professional and wider social responsibilities. Students are educated in the manner of logic economic development and business perspective in the context of scientific disciplines and practical action in the business environment. Specific competencies are based on highly specialized and professional training in the area of management information systems that include both managerial competence and IT - programming education, primarily focused to project management, business management functions and procedures in a variety of business systems, but less on the programming.
The curriculum focuses on the acquisition of practical and applicable knowledge, so that students learn to apply more practical tools and applications that will tomorrow be of great benefit in the work and further development. Minerva includes student in attendance of conferences dealing with the processing of the current issues and projects in which can apply their knowledge in the fields of accounting and finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, financial management, etc. Minerva systematically works to upgrade curriculum, improving to go in step with market needs.

How else Minerva differ from others? Precisely by its interdisciplinary curriculum. According to the conducted research most wanted jobs, both in Croatia and in the EU, are precisely the area of management of IT and computing:

- Information systems security analysts
- IT managers
- Planners and designers of information systems
- Computer and network system administrators

If you are looking for a unique educational experience, which will acquire the knowledge and skills needed for success in the business world, VPS Minerva is the ideal choice. With small groups and great academic and administrative support, in a positive environment, we can guarantee a personal approach to each of our student.


Dean: Corkalo
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University College of applied Sciences for Management & IT

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