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Mission & Vision
Minerva according to the official classification of the Ministry:

- Type of study program: Professional Studies
- Scientific field: Social Sciences
- Scientific Field: Economics

According to stated we are classified for the social area, a study program reflects the relationship between economic and IT courses. In order to ensure the planned outcomes in existing study programs it is required to have an interdisciplinary approach. Within the contents in the fields of economics, management, law, management quality significantly there are represented activities in the field of information technology.

Mission of VPS Minerva is to transmitt values, knowledge and skills that students need in order to create high educated experts focused on practice whome will with the creative application of acquired knowledge successfully respond to business challenges. Mission of VPS Minerva -IT management is to develop and implement education of the highest quality that will motivate each participant (student/student, teachers and businessmen) within their ambitions and interests to involve in the management of modern trends of economy and information technology. VPS Minerva programme is compatible with labor market requirements and processes in national, European and global economy by promoting high ethical and moral values of business, responsibility for man, nature and community and fostering tolerance and understanding of diversity and dialogue. Strong emphasis is on raising public awareness of the place and role of information technology in the broader social context.

Vision of VPS Minerva is to become a respected center of excellence, a source of knowledge, the focus of the partnership and collaborative gatherings at local, national and international level.

Minerva strategy is to achieve academic excellence through the high quality of all segments of the educational process in order to help students secure higher level of knowledge and requirements for mastering and training them for lifelong learning process and involvement in the global labor market. In order to achieve its vision, mission, and short-and long-term goals VPS Minerva chose the following strategy, clearly established policy:

• Creation and improvement of academic programs whose contents and  
           methods will suit best to the various needs of the labor market for modern 
           educated business professionals,
• Continuous training and development of employees,
• Continuous modernization of work organization ,
• Alignment of spatial capacity, improve working conditions and adapting to
            technological changes,
• Ongoing monitoring and improvement of the quality system.
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